FERS/CSRS Disability: The Necessary Forms

For disabled federal employees, one of the biggest sources of stress is the actual filing process.  To begin with, a disabled employee is given a package of application instructions and a pamphlet explaining the numerous steps to obtaining disability benefits.  The package includes Standard Form 311A, Applicants Statement of Disability.  This form must be completed by the disabled employee, and requires answers to detailed questions on the nature of the disability as well as a complete list of all treating physicians and the dates of treatment.

Standard Form 3112B is the Supervisor’s Statement.  This form should be completed by the employee’s supervisor, and requires the employee;s supervisor to answer questions about work performance, attendance and conduct.  Standard Form 3112C is the Physician’s Statement, (and there may be more than one depending upon how many treating physicians an individual is seeing).  Standard Form 3112D, Agency Certification of Reassignment and Accommodation Efforts and Standard Form 3112E, Disability Retirement Application Checklist, should be completed by the employing employing agency.  In addition, Form 31207, Application for Immediate Retirement, must be submitted concurrently.

The sheer amount of paperwork, alone, is overwhelming enough to make a healthy person uncomfortable.  Just imagine how overwhelming it all must be for someone who is physically or psychologically disabled to deal with.

At The DeHaan Law Firm, we handle FERS disability claims from application to resolution.  In cases where a claimant is denied, our attorneys handle the appeals process.  Our firm also works with our FERS clients to arrange payment plans.  We believe our clients should focus on recovering.

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Some Relief for FERS and Military Retirees – January 2009

On February 27, 2009, lawmakers once again introduced a bill that would allow retired federal employees and military personnel to pay for their health insurance with pre-tax earnings. Much like the rest of the country, federal employees have seen more than 50% increases in their premiums in the last eight years. It also would allow active-duty military personnel to apply a pre-tax rebate to the supplemental insurance premiums to cover what Tricare does not. Read More...

Bill Introduced to Benefit FERS Domestic Partners – June 2009

On May 20, 2009, a bill was introduced (H.R. 2517) in the House of Representatives to provide benefits to domestic partners of federal employees. These benefits include health insurance, retirement and disability benefits, family, medical and emergency leave, Federal Group life insurance, long-term care insurance, compensation for work injuries, benefits for disability, death or captivity, travel, and transportation and related payments and benefits. Read More...

FERS Question of the Week

QUESTION: Can I collect Workers’ Compensation and FERS disability at the same time?

ANSWER: No, you cannot collect both benefits at the same time. However, you should review both benefits programs to see which pays out more. If you elect to collect Workers’ Compensation, it still is a good idea to file for FERS since the FERS deadline firmly is one year after separation from service. At least your FERS application will be on file at OPM should you chance your mind about which benefits to collect.

Disability Criteria Under FERS/CSRS

For federal employees seeking to make a disability claim under the FERS/CSRS disability retirement system, sometimes just knowing whether you are eligible to make such a claim can be confusing and complicated.

And although the terms defined in the FERS Disability Manual are meant to help you determine disability eligibility, sorting through those definitions can be annoying, at best, and impossible, at worst, when you are struggling to deal with an illness or injury.